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Sometime in March, I will get to see two of my favorite things combined - CSI and Wil Wheaton. I am SOOOOO excited. Wil is going to be on CSI as Troubled Joe or something like that. But, who the hell cares? He is going to be on the best show on TV. I may pee my pants at any moment now.

But, even better than that. This is so exciting that I'm downright giddy. I'm getting a new mattress and box springs. Army of Dad and I have been sleeping on the same mattress and box springs that I got as a graduation gift from college back in 1991!!! The coils on the mattress, I fear, are going to rip through the stained and sagging cushiony top of the mattress and impale me in the ass. I read a column in our local paper - the local cop reporter's teenaged daughter had to have the EMTs remove a coil from her ass that got stuck there. I have a few guesses what she was doing that she got a coil in her ass and I have worried that it could happen to me. *Adult relatives and my ex-husband should turn away and not read this next part* But, I did marry a younger man and there are many benefits to this *purring* but he and I have broken no less than four bed frames in our seven years together. I didn't want to add that we busted out the coils in the bed to the list of casualties in the bedroom.

$68 worth of freon later and now my air conditioner in my minivan works again. Of course, it was repaired just in time for a cold snap, but hey, when it is 80 again in a few days, I'll have cold air dammit. Of course, they couldn't find why the freon was all gone and put some dye in there and told me to let them know when it starts acting funky or not blowing cold air again so they can go in there and see from whence the leak is coming so they can fix it. Great. I'm sure that will cost more money, too. *sigh*

Ok, I need to drag my Ego Girl ass to bed. I have work to do Friday and I informed my eldest that he is not allowed to puke at school again because Friday I have real work to do and can't come home so he has the privilege of doing his school work at the dinner table with a Sunny Delight and not the weird chick who sits behind him singing soul music at school. She bugs the hell out of him, but I think we have finally gotten him to stop being mean to her about it. At least the teacher hasn't sent home any notes about that in a while. So, that is a good sign. He made the A/B honor roll missing the A honor roll by a crummy two points because Stinkpants isn't turning in all his work. Dufus. That is my son, though. Ever the procrastinater. Maybe there will be a writer in him yet. We can't stand to work ahead of time. Has to be with that deadline pressure to make sure we do a good job.


  • At 3:49 PM, February 26, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, it least it sounds like he has a GOOD teacher. Who might have been fooled by the puking. First time shame on you.........There will be no second chance. I am sure that the wonderful teacher has taught him how to ingore the girl behind him. The teacher might consider"giving" him 2 extra points if he does not give her a headache, with the trying to get out of work evry minute. ROFLMAO

  • At 11:33 PM, February 26, 2005, Blogger Uzz said…

    Yeah...our son...AoM's eldest...has more than a little bit of "I know more than the teacher in him". This year has been much better, but gets his shots in with all adults...he is brilliant, but a HUGE procrastinator...poor kid...he gets it from me and AoM!!!

  • At 2:05 PM, March 02, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Hey, I'm not a procrastinator! Really. Ok, I don't procrastinate that much. Ptthtphpphtttppp!!!


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