Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Note to cops

If you're going to knock violators around, don't record it on the camera in your squad car. Here's your sign.

Also, don't fondle teenaged girls in your car. Don't carry on a torrid affair with a teenaged girl either.

And, lastly, do your best not to let your violator die while in your custody. (Just an extra guffaw, gotta love this reporter who noted that the suspect "died after he stopped breathing." I'm no medical professional, but I have heard rumors that people die when they stop breathing.)

To serve and protect my ass. Well, they might want to serve and protect my ass. That isn't what I meant. Hmm, to serve and protect the public ... I'm calling bull shit. Ok, I take that back. I know a few cops who are honest and do a good job, but I know as many or more who don't. All they care about is their good ole boy club and maintaining the status quo. If you question their authority, you're screwed.


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