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Blogging at work - a big no-no

One of my buddies sent me this link - at home, of course - regarding the trend of employers firing bloggers who do it at work and who talk about work on the blog.

One of the bloggers featured in there is one of my favorite blogs, Sarcastic Journalist. She talks about how she got fired as a reporter for blogging on the job and about her coworkers.

While she didn't say it, I think my friend was sending this to me as a giant flag with a cross and bones complete with smoke flares all around it and those neon signs that Wile E. Coyote always surrounded the birdseed for the Roadrunner with ... do you think, um, er, could it be a warning?

Maybe I shouldn't blog about the sexual harassment - whether it is me dishing it out or it is directed at me? Maybe I shouldn't blog about the fact that I met a man named Jeff Stewart yesterday (didn't look like a NASCAR kind of guy) and we have a contractor named the Birden Brothers working on the site? That cracked me up. (for those of you who are un-hip, that is a band, too). I have, honestly, used much restraint. There are so many characters I work with, but I like them. So, I won't go there.

Soon, I will be relocating cubes to get away from the bean-counters and over by the people that I work with. So, I'll be down the aisle from Michael Meyers. I guess I'll learn if he is the psycho kind of MM or the Shrek kind of MM. I'm hoping its more of the Shrek than pyscho. I have enough psychos in my life.


  • At 6:41 PM, February 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I blog very little about work; and when I do, I keep it very vague and mostly positive (fortunately, I don't have much to complain about anyway). There's a reason why I'm cautious, and it has everything to do with my addition problem. I'm Kathleen, and I'm addicted to having a roof over my head. :-)


  • At 12:08 AM, February 10, 2005, Blogger The Culture Ghost said…

    While Great Cheese comes from Happy Cows and Happy Cows come from California, we are not overflowing with happy workers.

    I'm a state employee (work for a large community college about 27 miles outside San Francisco). I blog almost non-stop at work. Once upon a time I really enjoyed my job and was a very enthusiatic employee.

    I have never blogged about my job other than in passing about the failure of the California school system. Perhaps I might start as the faculty is getting ready to strike within the next four weeks. My union has a court case pending over the legality of a 7% furlough (a kinder gentler way of saying paycut) imposed by the district. The President of the college is the most distrusted man on campus and is rumored to have hired a food taster (not true, but it sounds great). The membership of my union is split as to whether to keep our union. We don't like the faculty; the faculty thinks we're lapdogs. And everyone hates the administration. Oh yeah, the students...who cares? We've got our own problems.

    And do you have any idea how difficult it is to remove a union employee under these martial conditions? Ever try to get rid of cockroaches from a Manhattan apartment? It's easier to kill a vampire (the proper way) than to terminate a state employee.

    So I blog.


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