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Super Bowl ads

I thought the Super Bowl commercials were pretty lame this year, over all.

You can vote here for your favorite. I thought the McDonalds' commercials were pretty stupid. I liked the Bud Light ones with the pilot jumping out of the airplane and the one with Cedric the Entertainer rethinking his fantasy of two women on a deserted island. But, my favorite was the AmeriQuest ad about "don't judge too quickly" where the guy was cooking dinner and the cat spilled the spaghetti sauce, his girl walks in and he has a big red pool on the ground, the cat in one hand and a knife in the other. I cracked up at that one.

Army of Dad and I would have liked the beer one (where the soldiers get a standing ovation) had the soldiers actually had some patches on them. There was nothing and that seemed really weird to see. No rank, no name, nothing. Strange.

I was disappointed that the commericals weren't better. I saw one that was going to air, but was nixed. It showed some guy backstage last year and he is using Janet Jackson's blouse to open his beer and he rips the cup on her shirt, so that is why her boob flopped out. I saw that on some other show. Now THAT would have been funny.


  • At 6:52 PM, February 07, 2005, Blogger Uzz said…

    My faves in order:

    1. Ameriquest: Holding knife and cat...I had tears streaming!!!
    2. Bud Light: With Pilot diving out of the plane after the instructor throws out the six pack.
    3. Frito Lay: the one where the kids throw some Lay's chips over the fence in hopes of getting their ball back...they get it and more...including M.C. Hammer...the kids then throw him back over the fence...GENIUS!!! My son's fave.
    4. GoDaddy: Obvious
    5. Ameriquest: Guy on cell phone getting tasered and beaten by the store owners.
    6. Anheuser-Busch: Soldiers getting buddy Richard saw this actually happen at D/FW awhile home big time for him.
    7. FedEx: Burt Reynolds, dancing bear and commercial cliches.
    8. Diet Pepsi: P. Diddy delivery truck trend.
    9. I liked the monkeys:-)
    10. Emerald Nuts of California: Unicorns, Santa and Easter Bunny.


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