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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


My first whistles

I conducted my first tour of the construction site today with a very nice artist from Savannah, Georgia.

I got my first two whistles from construction workers. Thank you very much boys. Felt my first bicep. Very handsome young man with a chiseled face, great eyes ... nice ass, too. I had to ask him a favor for the artist - he needed to get up on a lift to check the lighting and I walked up to him and grabbed his arm to get his attention. I had to make myself let go.

These are the moments when I understand how men can separate sex from love. Lust has nothing to do with love, unless you're really lucky. I have that in my life. There are just times when, as Jimmy Carter would say, "I lusted in my heart."

I may bring my hardhat home tonight and do some role-playing after the kids are in bed.


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