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Soccer Saturday and airplanes

It was overcast all day during the tournament, but it could have been worse. The rains stayed away, which was nice. The boys didn't play great, but this is one reason we wanted them to play in the tournament before our regular season. They are VERY slow starters. They have a problem, too, when they get behind. They will get down on themselves and not play to their potential. So, it was good to get them out there and playing.

We had a big window of time between the second and third games, so a few of the boys followed us out to the airport, which was nearby and we went to a little viewing park and watched the airplanes taxi by, take off and land. It was a lot of fun. The boys were waving at the pilots and and the pilots were waving back. They had a ball.

Hot Rod didn't want to pose for a picture with the airplane coming. He wanted to be turned around and waving. So, here are the kids waving at the pilots.

The park has a couple of viewer-thingees (don't you love my technical terms?) that the kids could use to watch the planes. There is also a spot where you can hear the pilots talking to the air traffic controllers. Below is my eldest checking out the planes. A couple of the other boys decided they wanted to be pilots while we were there.


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