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Rainy day soccer

Saturday, our eldest's team will be playing in a soccer tournament and it is supposed to rain all day off and on. Yuck. It is going to be a crummy kind of day. I suppose tonight I'll get everything packed up including some towels and dry clothes for in between games. I just keep wondering what we'll do if a uniform gets soaked because we won't be able to run home and toss it in the dryer between games because we're playing about 45 to 50 miles from home. Hmm. I may have to find a laundromat or something nearby. My mom is coming to stay at the house with the baby, so I don't have to get her out in the weather and worry about her getting cranky in between games. All we have to worry about being cranky is me and Army of Dad. The boys should be fine.

Going to make for a long day, though.


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