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Bachelorette fun

Well, since I'm home sick, I thought I'd try to catch up with my blogging and post a bit about LabKat's bachelorette party.

WORD OF CAUTION: Turn away now if you have a weak stomach, have children nearby or are easily offended.

Army of Dad generously made a large pot of homemade spaghetti sauce and we had a potluck supper for the girls before we left. We had a "girls only" party with adult items *I'll let your imagination run wild on the adult items part* After that, we headed out to a male review.

We got LabKat sufficiently tipsy before we even left the house. Since I was the designated driver, LabKat was doing double shots much of the night. We'd buy a round for the table and I'd give her my shot, too. She was slurring her speech and dancing wildly before the night was over. It was too funny.

Here we are as the night began. We all wore our grubbies before changing clothes to go out. And, yes, that is a lei on LabKat's neck.

Here we are as we were heading out to LaBare. I emailed the more risque pics to LabKat and suggest you go check her blog for the good pictures. I've been informed that too many family type folks frequent my blog for me to post those kinds of pics *rolling my eyes*.

One of my favorite parts of the night was when Elvin came out on the main stage dressed as The Crow, but dancing to a Phil Collins song. I pull LabKat back, I was supporting her, and say "the dude is dancing to Phil Collins. Don't you think that's cheesey?" She looks at me in horror and says "It doesn't matter what HE's dancing to" turns back around and waves her dollar bill in the air.


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