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Headaches, coughs and the poops, Oh my!

Well, it has finally caught up to me and I have the ickies. I started feeling sick on Thursday evening and it has gotten progressively worse and worse. I went to work Tuesday morning and the entire time I'm interviewing this lady, I am thinking "please don't pull a Hillary Clinton and pass out mid-sentence." I felt so dizzy. I was just praying that I wouldn't puke or pass out. I went to my boss and asked to go home and he sent me as he pulled out the anti-bacterial cleanser to wash his hands.

I was dozing off on the drive home at 10:30 in the morning, it was that bad WITHOUT drugs! I came home and climbed into bed with all of my clothes still on. I didn't move until about 1:30 when the diarrhea *cha cha cha* kicked in. At that point, I soaked in a bathtub to relieve my sore ass, and then decided to put on my comfy lounge around the house clothes. Then, I climbed back in bed. I didn't puke till about 4:30. Breakfast taquitos are really gross coming back up, by the way. Went back to bed and pretty much stayed there all night. Fortunately, Army of Dad came home early for me and picked up the kids and took care of them. Uzz got Pickle and kept him, so he would be away from the germs. Puked again after trying to eat some dinner last night. Finally curled up and crashed for the night at 8:30.

Feel better today, but not near well enough to go to work. Plus, I hate to expose my co-workers to this crap either. I missed out on a big tour and a chi-chi lunch today, but I was in no shape to work and walk around the construction site. So, hopefully, a day's rest will get me well enough to return tomorrow. I'm going to the dermatologist in the morning to see about having a mole removed from my face. I have had it watched over the years and been told that it is harmless, but it is growing and I hate it, so harmless or not, I'm having it removed at this point.

Off to rest some more.


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