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Going solo & Kathleen Turner

Well, I am being throw in the deep end this afternoon. I'm doing my first solo tour of our new terminal and apparently it is with a VP who is known to be a hard-ass. Great.

To add insult to injury, I barely have a voice - I sound a bit like Kathleen Turner after a smoking binget - and would rather be in bed than here. I thought I was assisting with the tour. I didn't realize I was leading it. Ahh, another case of the communications specialists not communicating. ;) That has happened throughout my career as a journalist and writer. We never know what is going on. Gotta love it. It will be fine though. Just have very little voice. Guess I'll review my notes. I'm not sure of how to get where ... maybe I can corral my boss into walking be through it in a few minutes.


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