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My pre-Valentine night out

Army of Dad and I got a late start Friday night to go out because we had very don't-want-to-go-to-bed children. We had to wait till after Pickle's karate class ended, then we had to put the little kids in bed. So, we FINALLY get out the door and go eat at our favorite local Italian place. (It was a safe option for a meat-free Friday - manicotti and cheese ravioli). Then, we grabbed a cup of coffee. Ok ,we grabbed one cup of coffee - I bumped into AoD on the way out and his dropped and exploded, so then we grabbed a second cup. We headed out to Fort Worth at that point. By the time we parked and walked over to the theater, it was about 10 minutes till curtain.

We saw Four Day Weekend and their improvisational comedy stylings. They were great. The show is very similar to Drew Carrey's Whose Line is it Anyway show. We had a ball. I had a few drinks and got a little toasty, which AoD loves because I get amorous and affectionate with him.

We only got about six hours of sleep before we had to get up and have soccer practice for both teams. We got five of the six kids on the little team, which was good. The sixth was sick. The big team was 11 for 13 and we knew not to expect the two that were missing, so that was good. Once AoD got home, I tucked Stinkerbelle down for a nap and went to get my hair done. I really like the color repair the stylist made and I like the cut, not sure what I think about the style. He brushed my bangs back instead of having bangs. So, I don't know. I will let the ladies tell me tonight what they think. If my hair was longer, I would definitely like it, but since their bangs and are short, I'm not sure what I think.


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