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More blogging at work stories

Seems to be a big trend in doing these stories about blogging at work. But, they're pretty interesting, though.

Here's another. This one features a blogger that I love, Sarcastic Journalist who lost her job for blogging at work.

I dunno. Maybe I should be more worried about it. But, I think I work for a pretty cool boss and he isn't going to throw me under the bus unless I breach security or don't get my work done. Won't be an issue today since I'm home sick, although I did bring some work home with me to try and do. My head feels like it might explode soon and I have a cough that rivals a two-pack-a-day-habit, so I dunno. I may crawl back in bed with Harry Potter (the book, that is).

*scratching chin* Although I do prefer younger men and I wonder what he could do with that wand. Hmm...


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