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Hammer Time

Can't you hear that song now? Can't touch this.

Ok, not THAT kind of hammer time. Boo went to work with me Friday and I took him out to see the operations side of the airport for a few moments. He enjoyed watching the airplanes all around and most enjoyed seeing how the luggage goes through the underbelly of the terminal and through the screening. No, we couldn't go see active operations, but I showed him the inner workings of the terminal that is under construction.

Doesn't he look cute in his hard hat, safety goggles and vest?

Those safety vests aren't very figure flattering as you can see in the picture below, but it doesn't stop the construction workers from checking out my ass. Cracks me up. They also don't realize that when my back is turned, I can see their reflections in the glass, which is all around the terminal. I usually catch the head turns as they stare at the booty. Not that I can blame them. It is bootylicious if you like big round butts. *cracking myself up* So, here we are: me in my pink hard hat (I blurred out my name, so it usually isn't a big splotch like that.)


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