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Happy Easter

We're celebrating the all-American way by eating lasagna and watching soccer (USA vs. Mexico - not pretty so far).

Kids woke us up bright and early to egg hunting. 126 eggs. Or was it 127? I'm not sure. We were tired this morning. We went out last night to celebrate our anniversary and hung out at a local bar. I was drinking, he was, too, (but he was drinking in moderation.) Not me. We people watched and then AoD was playing video golf. I was hung over this morning. I remember hearing the rain hitting the sun roof in the bathroom and wondering why it had to be raining so loud.

The Easter Bunny hid eggs in the front living area and the dining room because it was so wet outside. Second year in a row that we've had to do that. It is more fun outside, but such is life. They still had a ball. Stinkerbelle was trying to say "cheese" for the picture here. Not a great smile, but an effort.


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