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Beauty is pain

One positive thing from Friday was that I got a haircut and a pedicure. I looked great at the end of my rough day. I also went to buy a new bra and matching panties. That was a nice treat.

But, beauty is pain.

At one point, I have the pedicure gal digging all the years of cuticles from my itty bitty chubby little toes. She was going to town with it, too. It hurt and my big toes are still a little sore, but my feet are really soft and pretty (ok, as pretty as they can be) now. But, she is digging on my toes and my hairdresser is yanking my hair trying to blow dry it straight. I was hurting, no lie, from head to toe. Literally. It was awful and I was just wondering if Army of Dad would appreciate what I went through to look pretty for him. He told me I looked nice that night. If he only knew what it took to get that way. Yuck.

Bra shopping sucks, too. They only make so many 38DDs at Victoria's Secret and I got the last one in the store! One of the sales girls there had the other one that they had earlier in the week when they got two in their shipment. So, I'll be checking out the VS near my work to see if I can find one in that store.

Working in the yard all day yesterday made my muscles sore, too. But, hopefully it will burn off the calories of that ice cream and chicken fried steak from last night!


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