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A day of firsts

My first Texas Rangers home opener.

That rocked.

Army of Dad scored some tickets from a freight company that prostitutes, er, solicits business from his company. So, that rocked. We got to tailgate with them, too. So, that meant free food and drinks. I tried some Bacardi black cherry thing. Yuck. AoD was busy drinking beer and eating crawdads, shrimp and brat wurst. He was stoked. I had my first bloody mary. Blech. I think it will also be my last. *burping up pepper taste*

AoD's old division, Ironhorse AKA Ivy Divsion AKA 4ID provided the music from its band. I've heard this band play several times while I lived in Killeen. The 10-year-old was entertained by them on many occasions, as well, but he probably doesn't remember it. Single mom low on funds ... we did lots of free things like listening to the band perform on post. But, I digress.

We also got to witness the coolest flyover as the Star Spangled Banner was sang by a soldier who recently returned from overseas somewhere. AoD told me it was a B-52. I think he said it was flying only about 500 feet over us. It was a BIG airplane and it was flying LOW. But, it was SOOOO totally cool. I remember watching all kinds of aircraft when I lived in Killeen. I seldom ventured to the west side of Fort Worth where I grew up. But, the Naval Air Station has lots of cool stuff like that, too. (It was Carswell AFB when I was a kid.)

The game was cool. First pitch to a Ranger and BAM, Soriano takes it yard out to left field. Awesome. We were sitting just about 30 feet to the first base side of the right field foul pole and we got to watch Blalock's homer hit the upper deck in right field. UPPER DECK!!! OHMIGOSH. It was so freaking cool. 450 feet. Wow! I've only seen that a few times before from Will Clark and Juan Gonzales, but we were never so close to see it like that. What a view!

I even got flirted with by a VERY attractive man in our tailgating group of carousers. AoD had some chick flirt with him while he was gone to retrieve beer, too. So, we had our ego strokes for the day, too.

We had to leave in the bottom of the 9th because Hot Rod had a soccer game tonight. This was sacrilege to us, too, because we NEVER leave a game early. However, the responsible people that we are, we calculated just how late we could stay, fight traffic and get back in time to coach the game. We put off leaving as long as we could and we made it 15 minutes late to warm-ups, but 15 minutes before game time. So, that wasn't bad. We listened to the rest of the game in the car. Unfortunately, the Angels took advantage of faggoty CoCo Cordero (no offense to my homosexual friends - you guys are way more butch than this tartar sauce sucking SOB). Not that I'm bitter or anything. Anyway. The Rangers lost, but it was still fun. Hot Rod's soccer team won. My parents helped with the kids today and they stuck around to watch Hot Rod play. That made his day.


  • At 10:57 PM, April 11, 2005, Blogger cashin said…

    Flame away at me but I really can't say that i'm much of a baseball fan, i've always favored Nascar and Football, more intense as you could imagine. But I can relate to the B-52 haha. North of me in Minot is an Air Force base, home of the 5th Bomb wing. The 5th Wing and the 2nd (Louisiana) are the only squadrons flying B-52's anymore. And oh my god are those Big planes lol.

  • At 10:01 AM, April 12, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    No flaming required. Everyone has stuff they like and dislike. We have a big Nascar race this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway and it will be fun. Just a bitch to drive down I-35.


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