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Get it right!!!

If you don't live in the Metroplex of Fort Worth and Dallas, you don't know about the rivalry between the two cities. Fort Worth natives (like me) naturally feel that Fort Worth is far superior to Dallas. And, we take things VERY personally.

O'Reilly Automotive screwed up royally. They printed out shirts that showed Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas and not in Fort Worth. Oops. They sure know where Fort Worth is now. Hundreds of local residents contacted the company this week, saying they were offended by a T-shirt promoting Saturday's O'Reilly 300 Busch Series race.

"It was just a stupid mistake," said Ron Byerly, O'Reilly's vice president of advertising, marketing and training. "We definitely would never do anything like that on purpose. "

No kidding. They recalled ALL the shirts and corrected their faux pas.


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