Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Calgon, take me away!!!

I may implode before the day is over.

I came in this morning thinking today would be a light day. Nothing on my calendar. Hooray. But, alas, nothing good lasts forever.

I get an email telling me that I have to write all of the copy for our new international terminal gala program by May 23. I literally spit all over the monitor when I got that email. So, at lunch, me and the bossman formed an outline over chicken nuggets and waffle fries. I think May 30 was okayed by both of us as the target completion day. Even if I wasn't going to be in the hospital on May 19 and 20, that would only be five days to get it completed. I'm good people, but tartar sauce. Add to this, my chamber pub deadline is also May 19. The procrastinating reporter in me hasn't even cracked that stuff open yet. I have to work tonight, soccer tournament all day tomorrow, work tomorrow night, birthday party Sunday.

I'm not supposed to take any painkillers between now and the operation. I may have to break that rule as my forehead may explode soon if I don't.

Add to that, my boys asked me AGAIN this morning when my job would end. Pickle is smart. He knows that the construction project is done in July, so he thought that meant mom would be done by July. Alas, no. Probably not until September, my young lad. Both boys let out whines and said they were ready for mom to be home. No more than I, my dear boys. No more than I. Army of Dad is also less than thrilled, too. I work EVERY weekend in June. And, no, I don't get overtime.

Oh yeah, I forgot that I have a story due for another magazine, too. Great. Wish I was under anesthesia right about now.


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