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One more week

I have a feeling certain things are going to dominate my thoughts for the next week or so. Next Thursday at noon, I am scheduled to go under the knife. I keep thinking of things that I had forgotten, but I forget them again soon after.

I do get to stay in the hospital overnight. Will make it hard to coordinate all the family's activities from the hospital, though. Addition: Jane made me remember. The doctor said this surgery will be a breeze compared to my c-sections because they won't be cutting into the muscle at all. So, that is awesome. Thanks for reminding me.

I'll have to blog about that stuff later.

The Byron Nelson is this weekend. I got to interview him and have my picture taken with him a few years ago. I got his autograph on the article, too. It is framed in my bedroom. I love it. He was a great old guy. Lives about 20 miles from me, too.

The Mavs fought back last night to tie up the series 1-1. Yippee. Wish the games weren't such late starts. I can't stay up to watch them.

Off to work some more. Damn work getting in the way of my blogging.


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