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Hot Rod's birthday

Today is Hot Rod's birthday. He and I will go shopping and then maybe see Revenge of the Sith. Tonight, after it cools down some (it will be 95 here today), we will go to Putt Putt. Stinkerbelle is staying with Granny and Pickle is hanging out with his dad.

Army of Mom is doing well. She is sleeping as I write this. I moved the DVD player back into our bedroom suite so she can watch her LOTR super duper extended edition trilogy. You know, the big collection that has everything!

She has two drains, one on either side. She can't stand them and hates it when they are emptied. Makes her almost gag. She can't feel it, but the very idea makes her sick to her stomach. Her "new" belly button looks great. The toughest thing for her is not being able to do things for her self. She doesn't like that at all!

She will have lots of pics to share once she is ready to blog again. Some birthday stuff, the boys' belt tests and stuff, no surgery or tummy pics yet. She might be able to post later today, but that will all be according to how she feels.

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