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Local TV ads

Sucks to be stuck in a recliner all weekend. I can't sleep very well, so I flip on the TV and find ads for a local attorney. I swear to God that I can't make up stuff this good. Big Brother is his name. He is some big black dude lawyer and the premise of the ad is that when you need help, call The Big Brother. I called to Army of Dad, who was in the other room, and I could barely get the words out to come see this commercial. I think he thought it was a Saturday Night Live skit or something at first. The best part is this old white lady wearing some funky hat saying she was looking for Big Brother to solve her woes. Hilarity ensued. Laughing is not good for my staples right now, either.

Another came this morning. It wasn't local though. An infomercial for the Better Sex videos. I called to AoD about them. His response: I'm a professor emeritus, I don't need them.

No arguments here. It is WAY TOO EARLY. I don't know how he gets up and goes to work this early every day. *yawn* I'm sleeping in the family room, so there is no way for me to sleep through his morning work routine until I can sleep in our bed again. *sigh* My wounds are healing because they've started itching. Itch, itch. itch. itch.


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