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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


I'm up - momentarily

I'm also dizzy as hell sitting up. Ok, so I'm not SITTING up, but leaned over. The nurse called it taco style. So, I'm folded up like a taco most of the time.

When I walk to the bathroom I feel like I'm heading to the bell tower to ring some bells. It sucks walking all hunched back.

I wanted to post pics of Hot Rod for his birthday and thank everyone for the kind wishes. AoD has been blogging for me and taking very good care of me. He should, since I'm armed with tiny blood and bodily fluid hand grenades on each hip. That is the worst part of this whole thing. But, they keep me from retaining the lymphatic fluid, water and blood and that is good. Just look gross and hurts where I have these little tubes hanging out of my hips with the bloody hand grenades on each side. I bet it looks like something out of the Star Wars movie AoD is taking Hot Rod to today. I'm so jealous. But, I'll get some peace and quiet and LOTR uninterrupted.

When I hunchbacked my way to the pantry to select some cereal for breakfast, AoD commented that my legs look skinnier. We suspect that is from not eating much the past few days. I might have to make less eating more of a habit. Or not. :)

A few kid posts and then back to the recliner. I'm getting woozy again.


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