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My back hurts

One side effect I should have anticipated, but didn't. My back is killing me from walking like a hunchback. This sucks.

But on the bright side, I don't think I mentioned that the doc was also removing a mole from my face during the procedure. He got it off and it looks WAY better, even though I look like I have five black whiskers growing out of my cheek where the stitches are. The mole will be biopsied since I have a history of cancer and it was growing, but I doubt it was anything but ugly.

Back to the recliner and on to the Lord of the Rings extended DVD triology. I've been watching and dozing through all the extra discs of The Fellowship of the Ring this morning. Now, I'll watch the movie and move on to the next ones. I always find things I missed before. Plus, now I'll be doped up and it may be even cooler.

Did I mention that I got a new bellybutton? I did.


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