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So many frustrations, so little time.

First off, I can't publish any of my pictures on Blogger right now. So, that really ticks me off. I get this generic email from them that tells me nothing when I ask about it.

Secondly, being on the super heavy duty vancomiacin therapy has given me a yeast infection. Yes indeedy, it was just what I needed. *sigh* So, I called my gynecologist's office and talked to one of his associates and she said that this antibiotic is so fierce that I will likely have to take a second dose of the diflucan, which is a one dose treatment. Lovely. She said it may even return despite two rounds of meds. So, she said to call her back if it persists. It seems that it is always something.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the fact that the brand new tire I got on Wednesday went flat yesterday when we went to pick up the kids from my parents. Flat. Totally flat. Had a big hole in it. $7 to get it patched because we were an hour from the tire place where we bought it. So, I imagine I will be back at the tire store this week. Probably tomorrow.

Lastly, I stumbled upon a note that my boss had written his assistant director and they were joking about needing a vacation and that maybe they should schedule a surgery. Because, you know, this has been so much fun for me. A real party. A laugh riot, no less. Plus, the two weeks I was off work, it wasn't like I was actually resting and recuperating. I was writing an entire book of copy for our gala event. I think there were two days that I didn't work. I am still debating how I'm going to handle this revelation. What hurts my feelings is that I thought my boss was my friend. Apparently not as good a friend as I had thought.

I really wish I could post pictures.


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