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Hitting the road

We're running late, but we're heading out the door for a quick road trip to San Antonio. We'll go to Sea World this evening and fishing tomorrow and then take Pickle to sleep-away camp tomorrow night between Austin and San Antonio. Uzz and I, of course, are nervous wrecks. Army of Dad thinks he'll fall in love with the outdoors while he is there. Or, at least, that is our hope.

I went to the doctor yesterday - and have LOTS to blog about - but I have what they call a pic (IV) line in my left arm and I started my vanc treatments yesterday morning. I'll do two a day till I go to the hospital Monday and get the catheter in my chest. The nurse wrote down how to spell it, but I don't have it in front of me.

Will try to blog Sunday night when we get back, but no promises. Busy, busy life.


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