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Friday skin pic

Ok, so I love Beauty and the Geek despite the fact that Ashton Kutcher's name is attached to it. My other FAVORITE reality show is Strip Search. Anything with hot boys taking off the clothes and dancing seductively has GOT to be good.

Go check out pics:
Adam is freaking hot.
Bryce is hot in that Justin Timberlake kind of way. He really looks like he needs to be spanked.
Josh is also very spankable.
Ryan, ahhh, Ryan. I could sop this kid up with a biscuit. Swear to God. Just put him on my dinner plate now.
Sean is the most beautiful guy on the show, but he is one of those "too pretty" guys - like Rob Lowe. I don't like boys who are better looking than me.

Bryce doesn't have the hottest body and he is a bit of a turd, but that face and those eyes. OHMIGOD.

I think I've found a new Friday feature if I can keep up with it. Hot dudes. Chicks occasionally, too, for the boys.

But, if you go to VH1, they have a schedule of all the episodes. I watched the latest one last night while folding laundry. Ahhh, finally, a way to make laundry not seem so bad.

More eye candy of these guys can be found at American Storm, the name of the trouple they're forming.


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