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Pauly does Denton

I was shocked to see the turnout at the Movie Tavern, but the Edge SUV was there and lots of media, too.

Pauly Shore was about 40 minutes late. I don't think the anticipated Dallas traffic. But, he drove up and the crowd of a few hundred (seriously) got all worked up. He climbed up on his SUV and did a Michael Jackson trial move. Was very funny.

And since he is promoting his new show on TBS, he graciously did interviews with any media that was there. In this case, it was the UNT TV station crew. They asked him why he came to Denton. His response: I didn't have a choice.

At least he was honest. He wasn't malicious about it, just honest.

He looks like a TV star here, don't you think? The Latino dude right behind him had a hat that said Pollywood. Apparently, he is on the show, too.

And, of course, in typical Army of Mom fashion I won something from the Edge SUV. I always win stuff. It is so cool to have my luck in that regard. Just not real lucky healthwise, I suppose. I got Army of Dad an EDGE shirt and a beer opener keychain.

Not a bad way to spend an hour. This place is only a short distance from daycare, so I was able to run over and get the kiddos and meet AoD for dinner. A good evening. We watched Beauty and the Geek and I was so disappointed to see Scarlet be such a bitch. She was just using Chuck to keep from going to the elimination challenge. Bitch. And, Richard is on my last nerve. I think I'd do Chuck. What can I say? I like smart guys.


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