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Great news

No, I didn't just save a fortune on car insurance with Geico.

I just got back from the doctor's office and the doc said I'm done with the vancamiacin therapy!!!!!!

As soon as I can get in to the surgeon's office to have this port removed, I am done!!!

DONE!!! As in no more, over, kaput. DONE!!!!!

*doing the dance of love*

I can get it removed in the office with just a numbing shot. I'm so excited, I cried all the way back to the office because I'm so glad that it is going to be over.

Done, done, hot damn, I'm done!!!!!

Maybe I won't get to see Pauly Shore if I can bribe my surgeon into getting me in this afternoon to remove it. I'll even offer sexual favors. He's already seen my boobs - the port is hanging out of one of them and he examined my abdomen and pronounced it to be looking well ... hmm, maybe, just maybe ... I'll save that one for a have-to situation. But, right now, I'm willing.

The cyborg boob must go!!!!


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