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One down, two to go

Well, I went to the plastic surgeon Monday morning and he said the incision is healing well and seemed to be very pleased with all of it. I go back to see him again in six weeks. He said the little knots I feel under my incision is where he tied stuff off inside. Of course he said it more technically, but that is what translated in my brain. He said they'll go down in about four months or so.

Here he is, my plastic surgeon. He looks a bit like Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek: TNG) to me in this picture or Dr. Soong. Never saw it before this picture.

Now, I have the infectious disease doctor to see tomorrow morning and then I'll find out when I can get this catheter out and schedule that with the general surgeon. I'm hoping for this Friday or next Tuesday. Not that I'm looking forward to the actual removal, but I am looking forward to having this over with.


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