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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Work can be fun

I was asked to make an appearance at the airport's big public shindig Saturday showcasing the new terminal. So, I loaded up the family and grudgingly went thinking I'd have to work. Not the case. I was able to go and enjoy myself and the kids had a ball.

It had a carnival type atmosphere and lots of information booths with give-aways, too. There were performers all over from impersonators to robots to Nigerian drumming dancers. The kids really enjoyed all the performers.

Here, Army of Dad and Hot Rod are making a wish on part of the art program: a wishbone sculpture.

Here, Hot Rod explores one of the other sculptures.

The whole family minus Pickle.

Dr. Evil and Pure Evil (as both my ex and my current husband call me!) The terminal cost $1.7 billion!

Lost child. More than a state of mind, apparently.

And, saying goodbye to the event and riding the moving walkways to the parking garage.


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