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Not that I'm bitter or anything

There are certain phrases that I have picked up from folks through the years that I have kept in my repertoire of commentary that get ambushed by others and seem less original to me after a while.

You're fired is one I picked up from a guy I was dating before Army of Dad. I have used that one all these years and then the Donald highjacked it from me on that ridiculous show. That sucked.

But, my favorite tag line is one I picked up from my college roommate's ex-husband. While we were in college, he was our favorite dancing partner. He was so cute and could cut a major rug. Never pictured them married and it didn't last, but he left me with a great tagline: Not that I'm bitter or anything. It has served me well.

It is quite appopriate today. Still mad at my boss. I had to go put some receipts on his desk for things I signed for at our symposium last Friday. As I stepped out of his office, I let out this giant sigh (which, if you didn't know, sighing usually is a sign of hidden anger - a counselor once told me this and I sigh like hell all the time, especially when I'm mad, frustrated, etc. and have no way to let it out appropriately). Apparently, this was a GINORMOUS sigh because some guy about 10 feet in front of me in the hallway turned around.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.


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