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The good and the bad

Ok, so Chuck an Caitilin won Beauty and the Geek and that made me happy. But, Strip Search tonight ripped my heart out when they cut Bryce.

So, he doesn't have a six-pack, I'd still shove a month's worth of my lunch money is his thong.

*deep sigh*

I think I may have rounded up enough families to host coaches for soccer camp next week. I thought I'd have about five or six coaches and I find out today that I'll have EIGHT!!! So, I was panicking and calling everyone and their dog to see if they had room for these guys and gals. Should be fun, but a lot of hard work. I wonder what I'm thinking sometimes when I volunteer for this stuff.

Speaking of ... got my Wife Swap audition video tape overnight-Fed Exed to NYC and the producers of the show. Don't know when I'll know anything.

Signed up children for soccer tonight and cleaned the kitchen, folded laundry, cleaned out my car and packed up AoD's lunch for tomorrow. Oh yeah, that was after I recruited more host families for soccer camp. *whew* Wanna know what inspired my energy spurt - the fact that I have a deadline and don't want to write. I get more dishes cleaned that way!


  • At 10:06 PM, July 09, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You do know if you get on that show you'll have to find a way to mention me on the air - and be sure someone is taping it so you can show me later cause it would go against my morals to watch reality tv. But I might make an exception for you



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