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RC - more than just a cola

No, this is not an homage to soda pop. It is a tearful goodbye to one of my best friends for the past six years. RC is moving today. Far away. To Phoenix.

Or at least he THINKS he is moving today. I went by his place last night to take him to dinner one last time before he moves and taking a look around his apartment - he ain't moving any time soon. He still has to finish packing and THEN he has to clean the place. He is such a bachelor. Men are such procrastinators when it comes to moving. But, that is another blog entry.

I've learned alot from RC over the past six years. He has been a good friend, a confidant, a reality check, a babysitter and a good ego stroke from time to time.

Army of Dad and I have tried to help sway him from the dark side of politics by showing him WHY we believe and vote the way we do and we have planted the seeds. Now, we'll see if they grow as he moves to Arizona.

We took him shooting and he liked it and even talked about buying a gun. He came over and spent Christmas Eve with us and spent this Fourth of July with us. We used to go to lunch at least one day a week for probably the past five years until I went back to work in January. So, we were together a lot. I don't trust my kids to very many caretakers, but he was one who I knew would take good care of my babies.

20 things I'm going to miss about RC
1. teasing him about random stuff
2. insulting his taste in women
3. hearing about Dragonball Z
4. sharing our dorkiness for sci-fi and fantasy books and movies
5. debating politics
6. making him ride in a minivan
7. making him ride in a minivan with a Bush/Cheney sticker on the back
8. taking him shopping with me
9. talking about everything and nothing
10. trying to outdo each other on who had the most dysfunctional upbringing
11. our weekly lunches
12. seeing my kids light up when he came over
13. Legolas
14. harassing him about his weirdo anime fetish
15. sharing our co-dependency
16. ragging on him for his self-defeating habits
17. using his shoulder to cry on
18. being called a redneck
19. making him cringe when I made certain remarks about how some ethnic groups drive
20. and most importantly, I will simply miss our friendship and knowing that I can hop in the car and go see him whenever I want to

He promises me that he'll be back to spend Christmas Eve with my family. We'll see. I don't usually have tearfelt goodbyes with my friends and I've got gypsy blood in me and have tended to move around alot until AoD and I settled down and have been stable for the past seven years. I guess that is why it is hitting me so hard. I know we're rooted here. Best wishes friend. In our traditional dorky way, how about using a dorky sci-fi movie quote as a way to say goodbye:
You were the chosen one!


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