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Post-Fourth blahs

Of course, it feels like a Monday and I still feel hung over even though I didn't have a drop of alcohol all weekend. Lack of sleep will do that to you.

After my Independence Day bliss, I have to say I get really mad at our city every Fourth because they don't have enough manpower to stop the idiots who allow their children to play with fireworks unsupervised in the street in front of our house. Bad enough that they're shooting off fireworks illegally in the city limits on a street full of houses, but even worse to give powerful and dangerous fireworks to kids and not even be out there to supervise them.

Second year in a row we've called the cops and the second year in a row that they failed to show up even an hour later. I tried to call the non-emergency line and got put on hold forever, so I called 911 and was told this was not an emergency and they wouldn't even take down the address where the fireworks were being shot. I guess it will be an emergency they'll respond to when one of these kids loses a finger, catches on fire, damages his/her hearing or when they set our house on fire.


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