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Lazy Saturday

I got my hair cut and colored this morning. No pedicure after all. That gal was doing some extensions on some gal and they weren't even halfway through, so I wasn't going to sit around and wait. Instead, I came home and took the boys to Dallas to see March of the Penguins.

It was so cute. I really enjoyed it. I don't think I really learned anything about penguins that I didn't already know, but I did see how the intricacies function. I knew that the dads incubated the eggs so the moms could go back to the water and feed, but I didn't know that they recognized each other by sound and not sight. Same for the babies. There is one point in which both the moms and dads are gone and the dads return and have to recognize their chicks by sound. It was all very sweet as well as informative. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves to learn and likes animals. The boys had a ball, except poor Pickle when I spilled a large soda on him. Poor guy.


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