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Ego girl returns

There are moments when I truly doubt myself and other times when I feel pretty pumped up about what a good job I must be doing to get where I'm going. Today, I went to meet with a couple of folks about writing some of the marketing materials for the $565 million Gaylord Texan. I suppose if people think I'm good enough to do that and be one of a four-person team working on communications for a $2.1 billion capital development project ... maybe I'm not doing too badly.

Now, if only my pocketbook could reflect my success, then we'd be doing well.


Here are some pictures of this place. It is incredible. The resort is like its own city and is really pretty. It has its own riverwalk and several restaurants and stores.

This flower is a bromeliad.

These are rose begonias. I had never seen anything like them. The foliage and flowers in this place were incredible and worthy of a look on their own.

The waterfall is realy pretty. Apparently, at night, they light up and do a water and light show. All of this is in an atrium.

This is inside the Lone Star atrium and shows hotel rooms.

Outside the convention center part of the resort is this sclupture.

Pretty interesting stuff. Worst part, though, is a deadline of WEDNESDAY!!! I should have put in a bigger bid!


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