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Major distractions

Not to be confused with being a major blogger. *wink to Cashin* I will never let that one go. ;)

But, I am excited right now. This afternoon, AoD and I are heading to a Rangers double header. Not that my fishsticking Rangers are worth watching, but it is a chance to bond with AoD some over a brewski, sunflower seeds and baseball. No kids in tow either. Yippee! Now, of course, I'm seeing some no-name never-will-be-anything pitcher for the second game, but that is par for the course with the Rangers and I'd be shocked if they actually had any decent pitching. *sigh*

Anyway. If AoD leaves work when he is supposed to, we'll be at the ballpark by 5 and able to hit the third or fourth inning of the first game. Can't beat that.


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