Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



Funny how life works.

Some people may say it is a coincidence or they may say that we were working toward that goal all along, but I call it God's blessings.

Last night, I laid in bed and prayed. This morning, I did it again.

God. Please take these burdens from my shoulders. I am not strong enough to carry them. I know that I am not capable of doing it myself. I need You Lord and I'm giving these troubles to you. Please help me and take care of them.

So, guess what? My car's engine wasn't totally effed like we feared last night. Was the battery that I fried. At the instistence of Army of Dad, my father and the mechanic, I am relenting on trying to keep this 5-year-old 139,000 miles on it heap of junk running any longer. So, now we are talking about a new car. I wanted to pay this one off and drive it as long as possible, but it simply isn't safe to do with little kids. So, I trusted God would help things work.

I get an email from Army of Dad that showed we got about $1,200 back from his cafeteria plan. We were only expecting about $500 at most. So, there is a down payment right there.

God is there for us, we just have to trust Him and let Him handle things. Praise be to God.


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