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I missed it last night. The INXS Rockstar final where they picked JD Fortune as their new lead singer to replace Michael Hutchence (who I was in love with as a high school and college girl). INXS was one of my favorite bands (although Kirk Pengilly looks like a dork now with that triangle goatee thing). I think I saw them in concert at least two or three times and they were dynamic each time I saw them. So sad when Michael killed himself, accidentally or on purpose, whichever it was.

But, I digress.

JD is a good looking guy and very very talented. He had a great original song Pretty Vegas. Army of Dad was in the other room and heard it and really liked it without knowing what it was. I think JD is going to make INXS rock in ways it never has before and I'm looking forward to it. He really got the audience into his performances.

I think Marty was the other big contender. Mig has a rock star thing going for him, but I don't think he has the musical talent that Marty or JD has. I think we'll see lots more of Marty and I hope so. He was truly a talent on stage.

This guy doesn't look 31 to me, but he has a great rockstar name, though. JD Fortune.

Can't wait to hear INXS again.


  • At 3:45 PM, September 21, 2005, Blogger Uzz said…

    Sorry...but you cannot replace Michael Hutchence. I thought this sad ploy for attention was sad coming from one of the best bands of the me it ridicules Hutchence's legacy and that is just sad. The guy may have a great voice and loads of talent, but he was an Elvis impersonator and NOT Michael Hutchence. I would not spend one penny on seeing a show with INXS since they took this cheap publicity stunt rout.

    You only have to look at what the Doors did...they hired Ian Astbury of the Cult to be their lead singer and they have become a joke.

    INXS was one of my faves in the 80s and it just kills me that they did this. Hutchence was an idiot and went and got himself killed, but it seems like the band is just walking on his grave with this stupid show.

    This will be the American Idol version of INXS and I'm just not interested.

    Alright...end of rant:-)

  • At 3:49 PM, September 21, 2005, Blogger Uzz said…

    Oh yeah...its one thing to get a canned audience going, but something entirely different when you have a band's REAL fans at a show. Anyone care to remember Van Halen fronted by Gary Cherone? I don't!

    Now end of rant:-)

  • At 9:33 PM, September 25, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Wow, Uzz. Stop holding it all in and tell us how you really feel.

    No one could EVER replace Michael Hutchence. Never, never, never, no way - as my nephew said when he was 4.

    But, I digress. This guy is uber talented and I think will make a great front man ... no, they will NEVER be the INXS of old ever again. And, yes, this is a giant publicity ploy to get people to pay attention to them again. But, I think it might have worked. And, I think some talent has come from American Idol, so I don't see the harm in it.

    Then, again, I'm one of the masses and not a music snob like some people. *ahem*

    and, don't fault the guy for being an Elvis impersonator. I've written copy I'm not particularly proud of, but I would hope it wouldn't tarnish my best selling book (whenever I finally write it) one day.

    So, there.

  • At 11:55 PM, November 20, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hmmm.JD is not as slinky and sensual as Michael.He's more in your face full on sexual sort of guy.

    He can sing and has the "it" factor.

    Yeah INXS could be bigger than they ever were.It's quite possible.

  • At 5:46 PM, November 21, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    He has the it factor with the sh in front of it. What un unoriginal piece of crap. He impersonates one person after another. First Elvis and maybe some other star before that and now Michael Hutchence. He has no personality of his own. What a disgusting way to find a singer for this once great band. Its tacky degrading and reeks of desparation. Michael is a Rockgod. This guy is a huge poser.


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