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Wisdom from the throne

What a way to start the work week!

I never have time to read my magazines except when I'm doing, well, other "business." So, all my mags are on the back of the toilet. Took a moment to read an article in my Parenting magazine about how to "do one thing at once" and curb your stress (something of which I've had multitudes lately.)

And, I found this:

"The more pressing danger of habitual multitasking lies in the way it seems to chip away at your spirit, leaving you feeling drained, dissatisfied, and that you're not doing anything particularly well."

That ABSOLUTELY sums up how I feel most days. I don't feel like I do ANYTHING well at all because nothing gets my full attention. I think knowing that this harried way of living will slow down some in two weeks is making it worse. I now have short-timer's disease at work. *sigh*

But, it is sort of comforting knowing that it isn't just me who suffers from the multitasking disease. Off to wake children, make breakfast, pack lunches, etc.

Wait a minute ... I didn't learn anything from that article. Or maybe I did ... the dustbunnies got their last minute stay of execution.