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Friday hunk - turning up the heat

Eddie Cibrian is one of the hottest guys on television. I was getting in the bathtub and trying to hurry because I wanted to watch Celebrity Poker Showdown with Eddie on it. He wins, by the way. Usually, I linger and soak in the tub, but not tonight. This guy is so hot that I'll even put up with Rosie O'Donnell on this episode. As I was getting out of the tub, I started wondering who would be my Friday hunk and then the little light bulb lit up over my head.

Here he is from his Third Watch days. God, he was hot on that show. A jerk, but hot.

He looks a bit like a rat terrier dog in this profile shot, but I'd still do him.

And, sweet lord, look at those dimples. Could you ever tell this boy no? You want to use our rent money to pay for hookers? Ok.

But, only if I get to look at you like this all the time. That almost hurts it looks so good.

Ok, ladies, wipe the drool off your keyboards and get back to work.


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