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A meeting of the minds

I was torn between the meeting of the minds title or blogfodder. Both Labkat and North Dallas Thirty gave me shit about taking the picture, but I had to document this grand gathering. Neither one wanted to be photographed and the worst part is that both of them are WAY more photogenic than I am. *sigh* I really need to exercise. I cut off the bottom of the picture for a reason.

It was our (me and Labkat's) first meeting with NDT. Cute boy, I must say. But, I'm not his type. Alas.

The pair met me at the airport and we dined in the new Terminal D Bennigan's and then I treated Labkat to a ride on the Skylink train. She was very impressed.

Now, I suppose I'll have to move NDT up on my "friends" section of the links, since he is live and in the flesh. *meow*


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