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Grandparents' Day

The boys' school had its annual Grandparents' Day lunch today and my folks trekked up to the north to hang out with the boys and make them feel special. The best part this year is that each boy's lunch was at a different time, so each child got his Papa and Granny all to himself for a full 30 minutes! Doesn't sound like much, but when you always have to share them with two siblings *one of them being the infamous Grandprincess* it is special to have that time.

Pickle was first. He enjoyed having them there and even got some tickles for the picture.

Not so sure why my mom looks so pained. Maybe it was because she had to wait to eat the rest of her Nutty Buddy there. She was thrilled at 50-cent ice cream. She may come to lunch more often just for that. And, my goofy dad never looks at the camera.

Next was Hot Rod. I don't think he knew Papa was about to bite his Krunch ice cream bar.

Hot Rod looks really cute in this shot.

Then, I got to have a special Mom and Dad with AoM lunch after this. Just me and my parents, by Mercer Mayer. Wait, that is another story. ;) My folks took me to my favorite Italian joint here. My mom was disappointed that I took Stinkerbelle to daycare, but I wanted some time with my parents, too. I don't get that special time any more. *smiling*


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