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Hunks of the week

This week I'll do something a little different, this gal had a column about the men she finds the sexiest (psst, there are pics there). So, I'll follow her lead and include some of her guys whom I, too, find VERY VERY VERY sexy.

Will Smith goes without saying. Come to mama!

She has Sean Astin listed on there, but I find other hobbits much more appealing, but I'll leave that one alone. The author obviously digs hobbits, so she has to be cool. She also has Tom Selleck on there; he was my first Friday hottie. Heath Ledger is on the list and he was one of my weekly studs, too.

Antonio Banderas. Dare I say more? Ay, papi! Venga aqui, por favor. Ahora!!!! Dame un beso!!

Hugh Jackman is another favorite.

Oooh, bedroom body AND bedroom eyes!

There you go ladies. Enter the weekend and be happy.


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