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Un-Labor Day

I slept in a bit this morning. Bough donuts for breakfast. AoD cooked lunch. I did sweep the garage and do some laundry, but that has been about it for Labor Day. I did all my work on Sunday and it kicked my butt. I had planned on washing AoD's car and mowing the lawn and I might still do those things this evening, but I won't hold my breath!

I took a nap through the entire Twins-Rangers fiasco of a ballgame. Ok, through the first eight innings. I woke up occasionally hearing AoD curse at the TV and Jaque Jones. Best I can remember, Jones dropped two easy flies. I think I always woke up with Lew Ford was tagged out at the plate. Other than, no recollection of the game whatsoever.

I need to write a story due tomorrow. *still yawning*

Looks like some new folks have been added at the comic con. Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) will be back. Erin Gray from Buck Rogers will be there, too. That is sort of cool.

My kid was in the newspaper this weekend. There he is in the white shirt. His school got new flooring and the kids put the tennis balls on the chairs and tables to help protect the floors. Hot Rod thought that was a lot of fun.

Not much going on today. AoD is grilling me steaks tonight. I'm going to try some baked potatoes, too. Yummy.


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