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No end in sight

It is heartbreaking to see my country suffer as it is. We watched the tsunami last December and thought, that is what happens in third-world countries. That could NEVER happen here. Well, it has happened here.

Granted, many of the people hurt the hardest by this are our poorest, but it is sickening to watch these images and hear the stories of rape, fires and riots. The victims are being victimized again by thugs just looking out for no one but themselves. And, it sickens me that these people are shooting at those trying to help them instead of reaching out to help one another. Sickening is the only word that really comes to mind. It is beyond my comprehension why people prey upon those in the same boat (ooh, sorry for the reference) as they are in. I don't understand. I can understand those fighting to get to the buses and to get to help, but just to fight for the sake of fighting or shooting at the people trying to help is beyond me.

I emailed a friend and former boss of mine who now works for LSU in Baton Rouge. I couldn't reach him via the telephone, but email got through. This was his response:

The tension level is rising in South Louisiana.

I'm sure you've seen images of New Orleans and surrounding areas. We've been blessed with 24-hour coverage on local TV and radio. For those of us who experienced only moderate damage and power loss, the bombardment of images of the devastation is beginning to be a bit too much.
LSU has cancelled classes until Sept. 6. Really, I don't know how things will return back to normal by that time. The assembly center (the domed stadium) and the LSU field house are triage centers. I'm going to spend my Friday night at the assembly center assisting. There has been a huge outpouring of folks volunteering.

But, as I said, I don't see things getting back to normal anytime soon. How do you just close the doors on the refugees who need shelter, food or medical attention? Even the city government has told the Red Cross not to open any more refugee centers in East Baton Rouge Parish. Some of the thugs that have been causing trouble in N.O. have ended up here causing trouble. So, the mayor wants to get rid of the refugees and close the door on others from coming in. Power is still out to portions of Baton Rouge. There are long lines at gas stations, at least the ones that are open. Grocery stores are empty. I really mean empty. You can't buy a roll of toilet paper if you want one. The power situation is only making things worse because meat and other fresh foods had to be tossed.

If you own rental property in B.R., you're in luck. Space is going quickly. A woman in our office who has a house (empty) for sale had 10 calls yesterday from realtors wanting to know if she would rent rather than sell. The sad part: this is only the beginning of the storm, pardon the pun.

There's nothing I need, but thanks for the offer.

Dallas and the entire area is getting more and more refugees as Houston and south Texas fills up. A local newscaster this morning was asking for games, cards, etc for these folks to help them pass the time. So, Pickle said he'd like to take some of his old toys to these kids. His dad said he'd try to take him this weekend. We're going to look into seeing where we can deliver some goods, too. My kids have plenty of toys we can share and I've been cleaning out clothes to give to friends, but some may be taken for these folks, too. So sad to finally get a shower and have to put dirty clothes back on. I would hate that. So, I'll be looking at what we can do and I'll post what I find here for other local folks, so you can help, too.


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