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What would you take?

Been trying to think of what we'd take with us if we had to evacuate and only had our cars to take stuff in.

I suppose we would take both of cars so we'd have them.

In no particular order:
food and drinks (bottled water, juiceboxes, etc.)
manual can opener
baggies, bowls, some knives and forks
select tools
phone chargers
Pickle's medicine
spare meds w/toiletries (anti-diarrheal, ibuprofen, etc)
pillows and blankets
playing cards
my fire safe with our important documents (and its key)
my jewelry box
three complete changes of clothes for each of us
some small toys for the kids
videos for their VCR in the car
pull ups and wet wipes
oil for AoD's car
my car
paper towels
trash bags/plastic grocery sacks
iron skillet and spatula
the kids' baby books
obviously my purse and our cell phones

If I could find the room, I would want to take at least some of my pictures. They are my most precious possessions aside from my family.

I'm sure I'm leaving out many more necessities. But, just a quick thought process, this is what I would grab for sure. Hmm, maybe our soccer chairs, too.


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