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I just can't get my arms around the devastation that is just one state to my east. It is beyond comprehension what these people are going to lose. Uzz said he was at a Radio Shack shoot today and they haven't heard from about 130 of their stores! One of the local ABC TV sports guys' wife is from New Orleans and her family lost its house under about 12 feet of water and a friend of theirs (a lawyer) had to flee and is living with them. His house is under about 6 feet of water.

Just amazing. No drinking water, no sewage, no electricity to heat the water before using it. What are these people going to do? I mean, picking up the pieces and going forward is all they can do, but how? When? It just breaks my heart.

WBAP is doing a fundraiser today at Irving Mall. I'm cruising by to give what little I have to give because compared to most of these folks, I'm rich right now.

We've traveled I-10 many times to visit the Army of In-laws in Florida and this is just hard to fathom - the destruction and I-10 in shambles. But, then again, this reporter sort of flubbed up when he/she wrote that chunks of concrete are "floating" ... last time I was in science class, concrete doesn't float. AoD caught it. I've taught him to read stories literally to help me make sure I'm not messing things up. But, I digress.

So sad. Give what you can.
American Red Cross credit card donation site
List of places needing help
Carter Blood Care locations

If you are in the DFW Metroplex, you can donate blood:
Blood donors are encouraged to visit their Carter BloodCare Neighborhood Donor Center or community blood drives this weekend, including The NBC5 blood Drives at North East Mall in Hurst (between Bath & Body Works and Brookstone) at 1101 Melbourne Street and Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville (between Sears and JC Penney) at 2401 Stemmons Freeway between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Saturday and 12 Noon and 6 p.m. on Sunday. Donations will help ensure that Carter BloodCare meets local need and can provide any assistance in the areas hardest hit by the hurricane.

Talk about giving till it hurts, but Carter Blood Care has this popup when you go to the website:
As Hurricane Katrina hit Southern Louisiana, community blood supplies in the affected areas are expected to decline rapid due to the inability to collect and process blood donations. At this time, Carter BloodCare has been asked by The Blood Center in New Orleans and Mississippi Blood Services to provide support and thanks to a strong community blood supply locally, a shipment has already been sent to Jackson. Due to the current and lasting impact of Hurricane Katrina, these centers anticipate needing assistance for up to three weeks as the areas recover. Additionally, the blood testing for The Blood Center in New Orleans has redirected to Blood Systems Laboratory, located at Carter BloodCare's Bedford campus. As a community blood center, Carter BloodCare's primary responsibility is to ensure a strong blood supply for North Central Texas hospitals. Once local needs are met, Carter BloodCare is then able to send units to other community blood centers, like those in Louisiana, through America's Blood Centers - a national network of 75 locally-controlled, non-profit blood centers, which provide over half of the blood supply collectively. This network allows community centers to support each other to ensure blood needs are met in times of crisis or shortage.

So, what are you waiting for?


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