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Friday hunks

How about let's highlight some of those fabulous men aiding in the Katrina recovery efforts? I think it is a fine idea. Let's salute those studs (and studettes) in uniform. Plus, I like men in BDUs.

*many thanks to the news websites for these images*

Here is a National Guardsman helping children get on a bus to evacuate.

Here are some volunteers, guardsmen and women distributing ice and water. Nice biceps.

Here, a soldier is getting MREs to hand out.

Here, Marine Lance Cpl. Anthony Roberts helps a boy find his way to an evacuation bus. He looks like a dad, doesn't he?

Mississippi National Guard members distributing water.

A helicopter rescue. That looks dangerous to do.

Here is the guardsman with the nice biceps again.

This one made me cry. Looks dangerous for these guys and just breaks my heart to see the kids having to be rescued like this.

Arkansas National Guardsmen get ready to help.

Mississippi guardsman Staff Sgt. Charles Pruitt of Gulfport, Miss. unloads ice from a tractor trailer for distribution in the area of Waveland, Miss. Don't you know his hands went numb doing this?

There are many more unsung heroes out there. God bless each of you men and women out there doing your jobs. You're all hunks to me!


  • At 9:48 AM, September 04, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for posting these uplifting and encouraging (uh, and sexy) images of our heros doing what they do best.

    Just to return the favor, here's a link to my blog showing what two very determined 8 year olds came up with in regards to hurricane assistance.


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