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I am so proud of my kiddos today. They were soooooo good. We started the day leaving the house at 9 a.m. and got some doughnuts on the way to Fort Worth for a fun-filled LOOONNNNNNNGGGG day.

We went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (where my wonderful mom has a family membership for us that rocks!) and we saw an Imax movie about dinosaurs and then we went to a great hands-on junior paleontologist exhibit and let the kids experience some of the things they saw in the movie. It was lots of fun.

Here's my cretaceous kid.

And, here the kids are with my mom (Yes, she came out and walked ALL the stairs with us and around the exhibits, too!) making fossil rubbings.

Here is my senior paleontologist lightly brushing his finding.

And, my junior paleontologist taking a crack (ooh, bad pun) at it.

And, lastly in the KidSpace section. They love this little playzone. We had a great morning.


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